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Who Are The Pillars In Fire Force? [A Comprehensive List Of All 8]

Who Are The Pillars In Fire Force?

While watching the anime, have you been wondering who are the pillars in fire force?

The word itself implies that these people are key figures in the anime, and it is no different in the case of Fire Force. Right from the beginning, a lot of hype has been built around these pillars, so what are they?

Anime-only watchers are still in the dark when it comes to the history and purpose of the pillars. In this post, I will detail what and who the pillars are; therefore, be aware of spoilers.

What Are Fire Force Pillars?

In Fire Force, pillars are used to describe pyrokinetic people who possess the Adolla burst. Due to their importance, they are given a guardian from various organizations for protection. For context, Adolla burst, also known as hell, is a pure and unsullied flame that originated from Adolla. A lot still remains unknown about its exact nature and history.

The Adolla burst allows pillars to connect with each other using the Adolla link. They can be granted grace through this ability, which would allow them to achieve inhumane feats, like slowing down time or shredding into subatomic sizes.

The purpose of the pillars is still being unraveled. However, inciting a great cataclysm has been shown to be the goal. 250 years ago, the first great cataclysm was carried out but failed due to the lack of number and strength of the pillars then. The second great cataclysm is already being planned by the White Clad, led by the Evangelist.

Who Are The Fire Force Pillars?

Since you already have a grasp of what pillars are, let’s move into the details of the individuals occupying these positions. Each pillar bears a unique negative human emotion born from humanity itself.

TL;DR: These are the eight pillars of fire force

  1. Amaterasu
  2. Haumea
  3. Sho Kusakabe
  4. Shinra Kusakabe
  5. Inca Kasugatani
  6. Nataku Son
  7. Sumire
  8. Iris

Who Is The First Pillar In Fire Force?

who are the pillars in fore force
Amaterasu - first pillar


She has been quite shrouded in mystery throughout the series so far. Even though we don’t know the extent of her strength or pyrokinetic abilities, it seems to be strong enough to power the whole Tokyo region for a long time. That’s a humanly impossible task to achieve.

She appears to be a spitting image of Iris and claims to have watched over the world. She lives in the Adolla realm and is able to communicate with other pillars. She is powerful enough to manipulate Inca and Shinra through the Adolla link.

At this point, we have no idea who she is siding with. However, her actions serve the goal and ideal of the white-clad organization. She embodies the human emotion of madness.

Second Pillar: Haumea

haumea-second pillar

She is one character you will notice because of her unique dressing and the golden crown-like forepiece over her eyes. She is one of the earliest pillars, as she has been with the Evangelist since childhood. She has been seen to make active attempts to gather other Adolla burst users to achieve the goal of the white-clad organization.

Haumea does not have any overt fire skills; however, she can generate and control electricity. This enables her to fry electrical systems, shock people, or directly communicate with their brains by sending or receiving information.

Furthermore, her ability allows her to control other people’s nervous system, actions, and even behavior. This can be seen as she was able to brainwash Sho into forgetting his past. She also used her ability to make Nataku Son go berserk.

While altering people’s actions and behavior is her thing, she is weak to others using electricity, such as Arthur’s plasma. Even though she is portrayed as being sadistic and cruel, it has been revealed to be a result of hearing the wicked thoughts of humans all these years. She possesses passivity as her own negative human emotion.

Third Pillar: Sho Kusakabe

sho kusakabe- 3rd pillar

Just like Haumea, Sho was recruited by the Evangelist during his infancy. As the younger brother of Shinra, he unconsciously awakened Adolla burst during infancy and turned his mother, Mari, into and demon infernal.

Due to his strength and prowess, he was able to become the commander of the white-clad. He is portrayed as an emotionally dead character, although obedient to the Evangelist during the earlier half of the series.

After gaining back his childhood memories, he became opposed to the goals of the Evangelist and the white-clad. Due to this, his Severed Universe technique was taken from him.

His ability, Severed Universe, allows him to slow down the flow of time by halting the natural expansion of the universe. During the deployment of his ability, everything else slows down except Sho himself.  He has apathy as his own negative human emotion.

Fourth Pillar: Shinra Kusakabe

shinra kusakabe -4th pillar

As the MC of the anime, Shinra is a powerful third and fourth-generation pyrokinetic. He joined Special Fire Force Company 8 to resolve the mystery behind spontaneous human combustion. Having an Adolla burst, he has been the target of several attacks from the followers of the Evagelist. Shinra is openly against the plot of the Evangelist and the Great Cataclysm.

Kusakabe Shinra is known for his agility and maneuverability in combat. This is mainly because he can jet off fire from the soles of his feet, allowing him to move at high speed. Because he generates fire from his legs, he usually fights with kicks.

He can also increase his speed and travel at the speed of light. Furthermore, his body can disintegrate to allow him to go past the speed of light. To rematerialize, the particles have to go back to the time before the disintegration.

He was nicknamed the Devil’s footprint because he left charcoal-stained footprints while walking due to his abilities. Rage is the negative human emotion possessed by Shinra.

Fifth Pillar: Inca Kasugatani

inca-5th pillar

Inca is a typical example of an adrenaline junkie. She enjoys dangerous adventures and is nicknamed the Fire Thief because she goes stealing during a fire. This is possible because she is able to see the pathway a fire will take beforehand.

She was targeted by both the white-clad and the fire force company after she awakened her Adolla burst. When faced with the decision, she chose to join the white-clad because she would be more likely to encounter dangerous adventures with them and that is a thrill to her.

She embodies the negative emotion of destruction and is able to know how fire or flame attacks will play out. This is thanks to her ability that allows her to detect heat pathways that are invisible to everyone else. However, after awakening her ignition ability, she can ignite fires by simply drawing the pathway in the air.

Sixth Pillar: Nataku Son

6th pillar-nataku son

Nataku got his power after being bitten by a bug used by Rekka. He became a third-generation pyrokinetic and was made to undergo all sorts of experiments in extreme scenarios. Due to the several experiments performed on him at Hajima industries, his fear was able to awaken Adolla burst, making him the sixth pillar.

He is capable of creating claws out of fire from his bare hands. He can also make multiple hollow rings that are able to shoot compressed cannons. Additionally, his flames are a bit different as they can generate radiation.

Seventh Pillar: Sumire

seventh pillar - sumire

Sumire is sort of the oldest living person among the pillars. She has been disappointed in humanity for as far back as 250 years. The Evangelist was able to convince her to help achieve the great cataclysm.

Since then, she has been the backbone behind the Evangelist’s scheme, trying to find pillars for the second great cataclysm. She does so by abducting children and experimenting on them to find those who possess Adolla burst.

She is able to use the heat that comes from shivering. Her ability allows her to amplify this heat and change it into kinetic energy. With this power, she is capable of creating powerful vibrations and even earthquakes. Sumire harbors disgust towards humanity, and that is her own negative human emotion.

Eighth Pillar: Iris

iris-8th pillar

Everyone knows the caring and loving nun in Special Fire Force Company 8. During her childhood, she went through several experiments carried out by Sumire to awaken the Adolla burst. However, it did not work at the time.

Iris is the last named pillar in the anime, and according to Haumea, she awakened the Adolla burst when Shinra defeated Leonard Burns. She was able to shield Company 8 against the dragon’s ignition ability. She is capable of casting a protective aura around people. She bears despair as her negative human emotion.

That completes the eight pillars in fire force. By now, you should have enough insight as to what and who the pillars are.