fire force filler list

Fire Force Filler List – Everything You Need To Know

Fire Force Filler List

Are you about to watch Fire Force or you’ve already seen it? This Fire Force filler list will tell you the specific episodes you can skip without missing out.

Fire Force, also known as En En no Shobatai, is one of the most popular anime currently. It is known for its vibrant colors and seamless fighting styles. When watching such an anime, we love it to be made from purely manga material. I’m sure you are on this page to know whether you can skip any episode of Fire Force.

Fire Force has a negligible amount of fillers, not even up to one full episode. This means you can kick back and enjoy this adventurous anime with its flashy fighting scenes.

The anime was adapted by David Production and aired in July 2019. A second season followed that aired from July to December 2020. Currently, a third season has been announced, but no dates have been announced as of the time of writing.

As with other anime, Fire Force is adapted from a manga of the same name by Atsushi Ohkubo. The manga was published in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine from September 2015 to February 2022.

The story follows that of Shinra Kusakabe, a third-generation pyrokinetic, who is able to create fire through the ignition ability of his feet. This earned him the nickname “Devil’s footprint” and he was shunned by society for being the cause of the fire that killed his family.

He eventually dedicates himself to solving the mystery of spontaneous human combustion and hopes to achieve this by joining Special Fire Force Company 8. Eventually, he learns the true events that happened on the night his mother was killed. The white-clad used it as a cover to take his brother Sho, who is a pillar and possesses the Adolla burst.

fire force filler list- special fire force company 8

The white-clad aim to gather all eight pillars and incite the second great cataclysm; 250 years after the first. The show follows Company 8 and its allies trying to stop the white-clad from achieving this goal that will destroy humanity.

Fire Force Filler List/Episodes

1Shinra Kusakabe EnlistsCanon
2The Heart of a Fire SoldierCanon
3The Rookie Fire Soldier GamesCanon
4The Hero and the PrincessCanon
5The Battle BeginsCanon
6The Spark of PromiseCanon
7The Investigation of the 1st CommencesCanon
8Infernal InsectsCanon
9The Spreading MaliceCanon
10The PromiseCanon
11Formation of Special Fire Force Company 8 / The Mightiest HikeshiCanon
12Eve of Hostilities in AsakusaCanon
13The Trap is SetCanon
14For Whom the Flame BurnsCanon
15The Blacksmith’s DreamCanon
16We Are FamilyCanon
17Black and White and GrayCanon
18The Secrets of PyrokinesisCanon
19Into the NetherCanon
20Wearing His PrideCanon
21Those ConnectedCanon
22A Brother’s DeterminationCanon
24The Burning PastCanon
25A Fire Soldier’s Fight / A Man’s FightMixed Canon/Filler
26Flames of MadnessCanon
27A New FlashpointCanon
28Groping Through the FireCanon
29Corna (Sign of the Devil) / A Secret PlanCanon
30The Time to ChooseCanon
31Road to the OasisCanon
32Smoldering MalevolenceCanon
33The CoreCanon
34The Woman in BlackCanon
35Dark HeroCanon
36Shadows Cast by Divine LightCanon
37A Pair of One-EyesCanon
38The Ashen ReaperCanon
39A Three-Way MeleeCanon
40Mind BlownCanon
41Boys, Be WeakCanon
42The Holy Woman’s Anguish / The Man AssaultCanon
43The Oze FamilyCanon
44Weapons of DestructionCanon
45Enemy ContactCanon
46Plot for ExtinctionCanon
48Signs of UpheavalCanon

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