anime where the main character is a loner

[Top 7] Anime Where The Main Character Is A Loner

Anime Where The Main Character Is A Loner

Do you love watching anime where the main character is a loner?

The world is full of complex people, and anime tries to paint a perfect picture of them. You have probably heard people talk about being introverted. Can they stay so for life?

Many anime have main characters that are antisocial and withdrawn from society. This might be due to previous trauma or he/she is just naturally a loner.

Such a situation requires them to have extreme mental toughness to avoid losing themselves. As you can tell, this is way harder than it sounds.

The main characters in anime that are loners tend to be cool or badass. This makes people around them afraid or want to strike up a friendship with them. This might already have painted a picture of different animes in your head by now.

In this post, I will be talking about the top seven anime where the main character is a loner. The anime listed below are some of the best you can find in this genre. Now, kick back and sip your tea while we move on.

Top 7 Anime Where MC Is A Loner

1. Hyouka

houtarou oreki

When you talk about gloom and apathy, then that’s Houtarou Oreki. He is totally uninterested in making any memorable high school memories. He is a tranquil and cynical main character who isn’t interested in anything going on around him, including sports, dating, and other activities.

The story shows the life of a common person that just wants to be left alone and finish his high school years in an uneventful manner. Houtarou has a lot in common with other loners including being lazy.

However, his world toppled over when his elder sister, Tomoe Oreki, invited him to join the school’s literature club. He obliged, in fear of his elder sister, thinking everything would remain the same. It turns out his assumption was grossly wrong, as his secluded lifestyle becomes threatened.

2. Classroom of the Elite (Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi No Kyoushitsu e)

kiyokata ayakanoji

The story is based in an advanced, nurturing high school in Japan that is aimed at producing the best minds that will lead Japan in the near future. Amongst them is Kiyokata Ayanokoji, a calm, collected, and reserved character.

He does not like associating with others and sees no one as his friend. However, he just thinks of everyone as a pawn in his game and a means to an end. He is very smart and easily scales through any obstacle in front of him. Ayanokoji avoids direct confrontations that would expose his talent in martial arts.

The classes in this school are labeled A–D, with class D being where the trash students are kept. This happens to be Ayanokoji’s class as well. He has agreed to help Suzune move class D up the scale, and this anime is all about the adventure they are going through while trying to achieve that.

3. The King’s Avatar

ye xiu-anime characters where the main character is a loner

As one who has close friends, you are bound to be taunted or pissed off by them occasionally. The usual reaction is for you to lose your cool and get angry. However, Ye Xiu isn’t like that. He is able to remain calm and collected in the middle of such a situation.

Besides being a cool stud, Ye is also an OP main character in the story. In fact, he is termed the Glory Textbook and is one of the Four Master Technicians. That just shows how much power he wields in the story.

Many people will try to curtail what they say to others, especially if it might hurt them. That’s not the case for Ye Xiu, he is known to speak freely and without a filter. This character tends to irritate people around him.

4. Black Butler

ciel phantomhive

“I did not return to Phantomhive for the sake of the previous head. I returned for myself. All I want is to give those who betrayed and defiled the name of Phantomhive a taste of the humiliation and pain that I suffered. “

Ciel Phantomhive

Ciel Phantomhive is the current leader of the Phantomhive hose and is popularly known as the Queen’s watchdog. He takes his job seriously and is willing to do anything to fulfill his tasks, even if they lead down morally dubious paths.

Ciel is a shrewd and proud boy who has been tagged to be intuitive and self-aware by his butler. He is plain without any demonstration of emotion or affection. However, he is concerned about the welfare of the ones close to him. On the contrary, he is merciless and ruthless towards his enemies. He indeed fits the category of the main character that is a loner.

5. Berserk

guts-anime where the main character is a loner

As the main character in this story, Guts is known to be cynical and have a desolate outlook on life. This is due to the sheer amount of suffering, battles, and betrayals he has faced in his lifetime. During his childhood, he had no purpose in life and only killed people as a means to survive. This led him to always seek validation from those around him.

After meeting Griffith, he started developing his individuality and embarked on a self-discovery journey. This gives him a purpose in life. However, after surviving the eclipse, his personality took a nosedive. He became vindictive and wanted nothing but revenge.

On his journey of revenge, Guts became reclusive and antisocial. He didn’t bother about the welfare of those around him and hence did not mind their suffering. This self-centered personality and hostility are because of a fear of forming new relationships.

All in all, Guts is an embodiment of suffering and perseverance.

6. Another

anime where mc is a loner-mei misaki

Mei, the female protagonist of this anime, can be described as gloomy and creepy. She finds it difficult to understand why people keep getting attached. This is shown when she becomes amazed at how two conjoint dolls could remain so calm even when attached. She believes that everyone is alone in this life, no matter how many bonds you form.

Her reclusive behavior is later revealed to be because of past trauma of losing her sister to leukemia. An event that tragic made her immune to any other future pain, evident by her remaining calm as one of her classmates killed himself in front of the class. She is the embodiment of mystery, and her eye patch even adds to it.

She is such a loner that she is disturbed by the idea of staying connected to others through cell phones or other devices that use electromagnetism. However, under the mask of creepiness and loneliness is a childish girl who is scared of octopus.

7. Charlotte       

yuu otosaka-anime where the main character is a loner

Yuu Otosaka is a self-centered and narcissistic main character who misuses his power for selfish gains. He sucks at socializing with others and therefore tends to be alone. He is only known to be in a good relationship with his sister.

At some point in the story, he was shown to be passing through instability and depression. He ended up locking himself indoors, just watching TV and eating noodles. His personality kept declining as he used his power to possess people and cause fights among themselves.

Yuu is probably a typical example of having power and having it control who you are.

There are hundreds more anime where the main character is a loner. However, we just went through the most popular seven and will end here. I hope you enjoyed it. If you love watching anime where loneliness and friendship thug it out, then this list is highly recommended.