dr stone filler list

Dr Stone Filler List – All You Need To Know

Dr Stone Filler List

Interested in Dr Stone but want to find out of it has too many fillers?

Dr Stone is an anime about scientific exploits and crazy inventions in a stone world. It is one of the most popular new gen anime and has been considered to be one of the best. Considering that it is not a fighting anime, one might put it off as boring. However, its plot and dialogue have been able to keep it on par with others.

Now, to maximally enjoy this anime, you might want to know if there are fillers. I went crazy when I found out that a lot of bleach episodes were fillers (Yes, I didn’t read the manga). I’m sure you want to avoid such a situation, which is why you are on this page.

Fortunately, since Dr. Stone is not a weekly anime, there is enough time for the manga to gather enough canon materials. Fillers are usually used when the anime has caught up to the manga and the producers need to buy time for the manga to produce new content.

In the case of Dr Stone, there are actually no fillers. It is just several episodes of adventures, friendship, rivalries, and discoveries with no interruptions. Once you decide to skip any, you might disrupt the flow of events.

Dr Stone is an anime adaptation by TMS Entertainment that aired in July 2019. So far, it has two seasons, with a third that is set to air in April 2023. However, there was a TV special that aired in July 2022 titled “Dr. Stone: Ryusui.”

The anime is adapted from a manga series of the same name, written by Riichiro Inagaki and illustrated by Boichi. The manga was serialized in Shueisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump from March 2017 to March 2022, with twenty-six volumes.

senku ishigami - dr stone filler list

The story revolves around the mysterious petrification of humans after a sudden flash of light. The human race remained frozen for about 3700 years before Senku Ishigami, a 15-year-old boy, was revived. He found himself in a world with a collapsed human civilization.

Over the course of the anime, Senku learns how to revive others and begins his journey to explore the stone world and find the cause of the petrification. The anime is filled with comic relief, and that makes it more enjoyable.

Dr Stone Filler List/Episodes

1Stone WorldManga Canon
2King of the Stone WorldManga Canon
3Weapons of ScienceManga Canon
4Fire the Smoke SignalManga Canon
5Stone World The BeginningManga Canon
6Two Nations of the Stone WorldManga Canon
7Where Two Million Years Have GoneManga Canon
8Stone RoadManga Canon
9Let There Be the Light of ScienceManga Canon
10A Tenuous AllianceManga Canon
11Clear WorldManga Canon
12Buddies Back to BackManga Canon
13Masked WarriorManga Canon
14Master of FlameManga Canon
15The Culmination of Two Million YearsManga Canon
16A Tale for the AgesManga Canon
17A Hundred Nights and a Thousand SkysManga Canon
18Stone WarsManga Canon
19To ModernityManga Canon
20The Age of EnergyManga Canon
21Spartan Crafts ClubManga Canon
22The TreasureManga Canon
23Wave of ScienceManga Canon
24Voices Over Infinite DistanceManga Canon
25Stone Wars BeginningManga Canon
26Hot LineManga Canon
27Call from the DeadManga Canon
28Full AssaultManga Canon
29Steam GorillaManga Canon
30Prison BreakManga Canon
31Secret MissionManga Canon
32Final BattleManga Canon
33To Destroy and to SaveManga Canon
34Humanity’s Strongest Tag TeamManga Canon
35Prologue of Dr. StoneManga Canon

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