does food wars have filler

Does Food Wars Have Fillers? Check Out This Wholesome Anime

Does Food Wars Have Fillers?

Are you about to watch it and then thought, “does Food Wars have fillers?”

Food Wars (Shokugeki no Souma) is one of those anime that takes an everyday chore and makes a fantasy out of it. In this case, it is cooking. There has never been an anime where cooking has been fantasized about and presented the way Food Wars does.

The story follows a young Yukihira Souma who aims to reach the pinnacle of the cooking world and be good enough to inherit his family diner. As an anime fan, this concept may not be all that new. However, Food Wars is made unique by all the details and attention to make it as real as possible.

For some anime peeps like me who love cooking, you are guaranteed to enjoy this anime and even learn something new to try out while cooking. They even take savoring the taste of food a notch higher by showing orgasmic displays (PS the food looks so real and tasty so I can understand why).

During the course of the story, several experiences are brought in that makes this anime series wholesome. While watching Food Wars you will witness friendship, competition, enmity, love interest, realistic food, extreme characters, and some crazy scenes with cooking utensils.

As I’ve already said, Food wars is a wholesome anime. Therefore it can be described in so many ways. It can be said to be a comedy, fun, or a slice of life anime. At the same time, it also has intense moments. Well, it seems to be an all-rounder for me. Don’t expect combats though.

Well, enough of the background story. You want to watch Food wars and just want to know if it has so many filler episodes like one anime about Shinigamis(sorry Bleach fans). Fortunately, there is no single filler episode in Shokugeki no Souma. Across all five seasons, all the episodes are manga canon. Well, there are OVAs, but that doesn’t count as fillers, does it?

Now, let’s go through the individual episodes;

does food wars have filler

Season 1

Ep No.Ep Title.Type
1An Endless WildernessMANGA CANON
3That Chef That Doesn’t SmileMANGA CANON
4Maria of the Polar StarMANGA CANON
5The Ice Queen and the Spring StormMANGA CANON
6The Meat InvaderMANGA CANON
7A Quiet Don, An Eloquent DonMANGA CANON
8Concerto of Ideas and CreationMANGA CANON
9The Coating that Colors the MountainMANGA CANON
10The Supreme RecetteMANGA CANON
11The Magician that Came from the EastMANGA CANON
12Memories of a DishMANGA CANON
13The Eggs Before DawnMANGA CANON
14MetamorphoseMANGA CANON
15The Man Who was Called an “Asura”MANGA CANON
16The Cook Who Has Traveled Thousands of MilesMANGA CANON
17Sensual KaraageMANGA CANON
18The Karaage of YouthMANGA CANON
19The Chosen OnesMANGA CANON
20The Dragon Lies Down and Ascends the SkiesMANGA CANON
21The Unknown KnownMANGA CANON
22Those Beyond OrdinaryMANGA CANON
23A Recital of Blossoming IndividualsMANGA CANON
24The Warriors’ BanquetMANGA CANON

Season 2

Ep. noEp. TitleType
1That Which Is Placed Within the BoxMANGA/CANON
2Interplay of Light and ShadowMANGA/CANON
3The Age of KingsMANGA/CANON
5The Secret of the First BiteMANGA/CANON
6Morning Shall Come AgainMANGA/CANON
7Beasts That Devour Each OtherMANGA/CANON
8The Battle That Follows the SeasonsMANGA/CANON
9The Sword That Announces FallMANGA/CANON
11The StagiaireMANGA/CANON
12The Magician ReturnsMANGA/CANON
13Pomp & CircumstanceMANGA/CANON

Season 3

Ep. noEp. TitleType
1Challenging the TenMANGA/CANON
3The Lunar FeastMANGA/CANON
4A Pride of Young LionsMANGA/CANON
5The Shadow Over the Dining TableMANGA/CANON
6The Captive QueenMANGA/CANON
7The Academy FallsMANGA/CANON
8The AlchemistMANGA/CANON
9Hunting the StragglersMANGA/CANON
10Dance of the SalmonMANGA/CANON
11Der Wei├če Ritter der TafelMANGA/CANON
12Those Who Strive for the TopMANGA/CANON
13Advancement ExamMANGA/CANON
14The Totsuki Train Heads ForthMANGA/CANON
15Joan of Arc ArisesMANGA/CANON
16Revenge MatchMANGA/CANON
17Walking the Tightrope of UmamiMANGA/CANON
18For Someone’s SakeMANGA/CANON
19A Declaration of WarMANGA/CANON
20Erina’s DevotionMANGA/CANON
21He Who Clears a Path Through the WildernessMANGA/CANON
22To the Site of the Final BattleMANGA/CANON
23For the Sake of Kyokusei DormMANGA/CANON
24That Which Makes One StrongMANGA/CANON
SpecialAutumn Moon’s Chance EncounterMANGA/CANON
SpecialTotsuki Elite TenMANGA/CANON
SpecialThe Third Plate: Erina at Polar Star DormitoryMANGA/CANON

Season 4

Ep. noEp. TitleType
1What We Want to ProtectMANGA/CANON
2Camera FlashMANGA/CANON
3Hope in SolidarityMANGA/CANON
4Aim for Victory!MANGA/CANON
5You’re ThroughMANGA/CANON
6A Single BladeMANGA/CANON
7The Two QueensMANGA/CANON
8Watching from Beside YouMANGA/CANON
9The First and Second SeatsMANGA/CANON
10How to Build a SpecialtyMANGA/CANON
11Song of HopeMANGA/CANON
12The New “Totsuki Elite Ten”MANGA/CANON

Season 5

Ep. noEp. TitleType
1End of Term ExamMANGA/CANON
2Preparatory Battle before the BLUEMANGA/CANON
3Les Cuisiniers NoirMANGA/CANON
4The Last SupperMANGA/CANON
5Convenience Store BrawlMANGA/CANON
6A Midsummer ChristmasMANGA/CANON
7Crossed KnivesMANGA/CANON
8The Missing Half of the MoonMANGA/CANON
9The God Tongue’s DespairMANGA/CANON
10Surpassing DadMANGA/CANON
11The Taste of FailureMANGA/CANON
12The Perfect RocksMANGA/CANON

And there you have it. Food Wars (Shokugeki no Souma) has no filler episodes!