demon slayer filler list

Demon Slayer Filler List [Updated] – What Episodes Of Demon Slayer Can I Skip?

Demon Slayer Filler List

Are you just starting this anime and wondering if it is riddled with fillers like bleach?

Demon Slayer (Kimetsu no Yaiba) is a very popular and ongoing anime produced by the Japanese studio, Ufotable. As you know, most anime are adapted from manga or manhwa, and Demon Slayer is no different. It is adapted from a manga of the same name by Koyoharu Gotouge.

This vibrant and colorful anime first aired in April 2019. Its first season contained 26 episodes and spanned from April to September. This covers the first six arcs of the manga, starting from the final selection arc to the functional recovery training arc.

After the end of season 1, a sequel film followed, Kimetsu no Yaiba: The Movie: Mugen Train. This covered the demon train arc of the story. Subsequently, there was a second season that ran two courses. The first seven episodes readapted the Demon Train arc, while the other eleven episodes covered the entertainment district act. In total, Demon Slayer has 44 episodes and one movie as of the time of writing.

So far, the anime has received several nominations and awards. It has been deemed one of the greatest anime of its era. The franchise has been massively successful, grossing over eight billion dollars annually.

kamado tanjiro

The story is that of a caring young boy, Kamado Tanjiro, who had his family slaughtered and his younger sister turned into a demon. He vows to turn his sister back into a human, and that’s the origin of the adventures in this show.

As to whether the show has fillers, then no. Demon Slayer, through its 44 episodes so far, has taken us only through canon material. All episodes are based on the stories and arcs in the manga, as illustrated by Koyoharu Gotouge. There are no filler episodes yet in the Demon Slayer series.

Demon Slayer Filler List/Episodes

2Trainer Sakonji UrokodakiCanon
3Sabito and MakomoCanon
4Final selectionCanon
5My own steelCanon
6Swordsman accompanying a demonCanon
7Muzan KibustsujiCanon
8The smell of enchanting bloodCanon
9Temari demon and iron demonCanon
10Together foreverCanon
11Tsuzumi mansionCanon
12The boar bears its fangs, Zenitsu sleepsCanon
13Something more important than lifeCanon
14The house with the wisteria family crestCanon
15Mount NatagumoCanon
16Letting someone else go firstCanon
17You must master a single thingCanon
18A forged bondCanon
20Pretend familyCanon
21Against Corps ruleCanon
22Master of the mansionCanon
23Hashira meetingCanon
24Rehabilitation trainingCanon
25Tsukugo, Kanao TsuyuriCanon
26New missionCanon
27Flame hashira Kyojuro RengokuCanon
28Deep sleepCanon
29Should have beenCanon
31Move forwardCanon
33Set your heart ablazeCanon
34Sound Hashira Tengen UzuiCanon
35Infiltrating the entertainment districtCanon
36What are you?Canon
38Things are gonna get real flashy!!Canon
39Layered memoriesCanon
42Defeating an upper rank demonCanon
43Never give upCanon
44No matter how many livesCanon