Crude Miststone in V Rising

3 Ways You can Get the Crude Miststone in V Rising

How to Farm Crude Mistsone in V Rising

Racking your brain on ways to get the Crude miststone in V Rising? This will help.

There are different types of gemstones in V Rising that are used for crafting a variety of things. One of them is the Crude Miststone which can be used to craft the Regular miststone and Mist signet. It is gotten pretty early in the game, so it’s not exactly scarce.

Farming resources in V Rising is a simple process most times. The items can be found on the map, and you can go to the area and harvest them. However, this process is different with crude stones, and players hoping to find them this way will be disappointed.

Crude Miststone in V Rising-best farming spot

An important thing to note is the areas where they can usually spawn. Community efforts have found these locations and they include: Farbane woods (south of it) and Dunley Farmlands (bedrocks)

From Rocks

Crude Miststone in V Rising-stone nodes

Crude miststones can be gotten from regular rocks, however, the drop rate is quite low. To have a better chance of getting them, you need to find stone nodes that have crystal-like shards sticking out of them. Other stones that can be gotten from such stone nodes are:

  • Crude Amethyst
  • Crude Emerald
  • Crude Ruby
  • Crude Sapphire
  • Crude Topaz

Grab a mace for this and hack away till the node disappears. Do note however,that you are not guaranteed to get crude miststones all the time, but other gemstones as listed above.

From Stone Golems

Crude Miststone in V Rising-stone golem

Stone golems are a good source of crude miststone. They can usually be found wandering the same area where stone nodes are found. Attack them and they are bound to drop crude miststones. However, just like stone nodes, they drop other crude stones and you are not also guaranteed a crude miststone.

From Merchants

Crude Miststone in V Rising-merchant

If you’re spoilt for cash and want to buy them instead, then purchasing the stones from a dealer can be a less stressful way of getting them. Luckily, they don’t cost a lot. You can get crude miststones from Gavyn the Shady Dealer for 8 silver coins.


With these three ways, you are more likely to find crude miststones as well as other crude stones and gems. These gemstones can be used to craft other stones as well as weapons, including powerful ones like the Sanguine Reaper, which you can use to wreak havoc against enemies in the best game mode of the game.