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Best V Rising Game Mode [Comparison Of The 4 Modes]

What Is The Best Game Mode In V Rising?

Have you ever wondered what is the best V Rising game mode and which to choose?

V Rising is a open-world vampire survival game developed by Stunlock Studios and released for early access on May 17, 2022. It has been praised for its gothic, vampiric, role-playing, combat, and survival gameplay with a beautifully crafted PvP and PvE setting. In fact, it sold over 1.5 million copies within its first two weeks of early access release and, at the time of writing, has a rating of 9/10 on Steam.

The game revolves around a weakened vampire as he struggles to reclaim his place in the world of Varodran. There are many elements to the game such as exploration, looting, crafting, settlement building, and amazing combat, amongst others. These elements are well developed, cumulating in what is a very engaging experience.

In the quest to become the next Dracula, there are different ways this can be done as the game offers a variety of game modes. With refreshing ways to way, new players, however, may be torn on which game mode to throw hours into to maximize the experience. This is what this article goes into, to show the game modes and the one you might want to sink your fangs into.

Game Modes in V Rising

Best V Rising Game Mode-all game modes

There are different ways to play V Rising to have a laid-back, enjoyable, or challenging experience. Upon booting up the game, you will be greeted with 4 main ways to play:

  • PvE (Player-versus-Environment)
  • PvP (Player-versus-Player)
  • Full Loot PvP
  • Duo PvP

PvE Game Mode

The in-game description of this game mode reads thus:

“In these honorable realms, vampires fight alongside one another as they reclaim Vardoran. Rise on your own or join a clan with up to four vampires as you conquer the world together”

In PvE, you essentially play the game against the scripted enemies in the game, just like any single-player game. However, while you may choose to do this alone, you can also do this with up to three of your friends or three other players. In this Mode, you cannot fight other players but will battle the game elements alone or with other players.

PvP Game Mode

“In these honorable realms, vampires fight alongside one another as they reclaim Vardoran. Rise on your own or join a clan with up to four vampires as you conquer the world together”

From the in-game description
Best V Rising Game Mode-PvP Game Mode

This is where things get interesting. In PvP, all the players play in the same world of Vardoran. As a result, you tend to see players of all types of ranks which can be daunting for some, but relaxing and even challenging for others.

Here you can join clans and or invite up to three different players to create a clan. A clan helps in raids where you must protect your castle as well as raid other castles to collect loot. Failure to protect your castle means you lose your valuable loot. You can decide to go solo and commando on a castle, but this can be very challenging, although there are veterans who prefer to play like that.

Full Loot PvP

Full loot PvP and Duo PvP are modifications of PvP. The game describes the former as:

“In these chaotic realms, vampires compete for supremacy as they reclaim Vardoran. Risk it all in every encounter as you drop all loot upon death. At certain time frames, vampires may siege each other’s castles for goods, conquer them, or even destroy them completely. Improve your chances of survival by joining a clan with up to four vampires”

In Full loot PvP, the main aspect of the mode is the ticking timer. While normal PvP allows you to collect some loot as you overwhelm your enemies, Full loot PvP as the name suggests, gives you the ability to collect all your opponent’s loot if they lose a raid.

Best V Rising Game Mode-full loot

While the itch to raid is always there, you also need to defend your castle, which is the reason we suggest you play with a clan. If you do happen to lose your loot, you can still try to raid the enemy as long as the timing is still ticking. The presence of the timer and the very high stakes make this game mode very addictive and beautiful.

Duo PvP

Best V Rising Game Mode-Duo

This is basically a modified Full loot PvP. It also has a timer and allows you to raid castles. However, this time with just one friend, unlike in Full loot PvP where you have up to three additional players. The game description reads:

“In these war-torn realms, vampires compete for supremacy as they reclaim Vardoran. At certain time frames, vampires may siege each other’s Castles and raid them for goods. Rise on your own or make a blood pact with another vampire to conquer the world together”

So knowing all these modes, what is the best V Rising game mode? Well, it’s not easy to say as different people have different things they want from the game as well as different levels. There is a game mode that caters to your wants, as is described below.

Best V Rising Game Mode for Beginners

Best V Rising Game Mode-Best for beginners

The Best game mode for beginners will have to be the PvE game mode. Here you can take it slow, understand the game elements and upgrade your character. You can also invite up to three of your friends into a co-op and battle the various enemies together.

In PvP, there are all types of players, including veterans that can one-shot kill or wipe you. And knowing gamers, there are very salty players that gate-keep late game elements just to cause trouble or show other players who is boss.

Playing in PvE allows you to escape such an environment, at least until you are ready to engage in PvP and put your items on the line.

Best Game Mode for Casual Challenges

Best V Rising Game Mode-Casual Challenges

If you have seen the in-game elements and want some challenge but not enough that you get your cheeks clapped seriously, then you might want to play the normal PvP. Here you get the choice of forming a clan and exploring the game world without the need to stake your treasures and have a timer dictate the gameplay.

Best Game Mode for Party-Play…and Hardcore Challenges

Best V Rising Game Mode-Challenge accepted

To get into the zone, you’ll have to explore the timer-based game modes, Full loot PvP, and Duo PvP. While Duo PvP is exciting and allows some degree of control, the real fun is in Full loot PvP where the chaos is something players look forward to.

But do be warned, as beautiful as it looks, it is still a collect-all game mode and can mean you lose all your priced goods.

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