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Kuroko no Basuke’s Filler List

Which Episodes were Fillers in Kuroko no Basuke?

One of the best sports anime out there (arguably the best), Kuroko’s basketball (English for Kuroko no basuke) follows Kuroko and the pride filled “Generation of Miracles”, a team of five prodigies as they go their separate ways for high school. Kuroko, not necessarily part of the big five, is considered a phantom sixth member due to his special ability to conceal his presence and offer impossible passes to his teamamtes.

Sport’s animes are usually hit or miss, and there are not a lot of them out there anyways. While slam dunk can be considered the better basketball anime for some, I prefer Kuroko no basuke.

Kuroko no basuke anime ran from 2012 to 2015 and had a total of 75 aired episodes. Kuroko’s basketball The Movie: Last Game is an animated film adaption of the manga Kuroko’s basketball: Extra Game and was released in Japan in 2017.

Kuroko no basuke's Filler list-the movie

With up to 75 episodes of content, many want to know, does Kuroko no basuke have any fillers? No, it does not. All the episodes have content that is canon to the manga and no fillers. Its a good thing since you get to be fully invested in the actual story content for the entirety of the story. However, some may find this disheartning, especially after completing the entire series and movie and want something else to watch to see more of these characters.

Kuroko no basuke is currently available for streaming on crunchroll and netflix.