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10 Animes About Self Harm [And Portrayal Of Suicide]

Top 10 Recommended Animes About Self Harm

Some anime have elements of self-harm or suicide in them. Self-harm in anime can be related to a character or plot. It may not be the main theme of an entire anime. These anime usually have Important lessons about life. I compiled a list of the top ten animes about self-harm. Here we go;

1. Wonder Egg Priority 

Wonder Egg Priority - animes about self harm

Wonder Egg Priority blew the minds of anime fans in 2021.  The colors, character design, and storyline were top-notch.  This anime centers on Ai Ohto, a youngster who lost her companion and experiences depressive feelings as a result.  She eventually develops mental health challenges. Suicidal thoughts and self-harm are key plot points here.

2. Orange

Kakeru and Naho

Orange is one of the most underrated animes around. It shows how being happy is difficult for the depressed. The anime centers around two lovebirds, Naho Takemiya and Kakeru Naruse. Notably, Kakeru loses his mother and struggles greatly with it. It deals greatly with him as he blames himself for not showing his mother the “respect” that she deserved. He eventually wants to kill himself and end it all. Naho offers her support during his travails.

3. Gakkou Gurashi

Zombie Invasion

Gakkou Gurashi is a horror-zombie-related anime. The main characters are human while most people are zombies. The main characters struggle to survive in a school with limited food and water. Some of them eventually contemplate suicide and self-harm as the struggle hits them.

4. Re: Life

Re:life Characters

Re: Life centers on Kaizaki Arata, a 27-year-old man who is having a hard time in life. His unhappiness with life led to a lack of satisfaction in whatever he did. Another woman whom he respects commits suicide as her ordeal at work becomes unbearable. However, Kaizaki gets to swallow a pill and start life afresh with the knowledge he has.

5. A Silent Voice

a moment of bliss

A Silent Voice is one of the most successful animes from Kyoto Animation. It centers on the consequences of abuse and harassment. Shouko Nishimiya, a deaf girl, is constantly harassed and abused for her disability. Later in life, she develops anxiety and mental health challenges. This anime involves self-harm and suicidal thoughts.

6. Monster

Kenzo and the killer

Monster is a very interesting anime with a terrifying plot twist. Kenzo Tenma, a successful surgeon, operates on a kid with a bullet wound. Ten years later, the kid grows up to become a serial killer. Kenzo finds out and wants to find this serial killer. Down the lane, he contemplates suicide due to the guilt he feels for saving the killer’s life years ago.

He saved a potential serial killer ten years ago and has led to the deaths of many. “Monster” really reflects the complexity of the human mind. It is a must-watch.

7. Violet Ever Garden


An ex-child soldier named Violet has no concept of what love is. She has been tricked, mistreated, exploited, and trained as a child soldier. Her orphan status contributes to the reason she finds herself in this situation.

Presently, she is looking for solutions. She’s traveling the path of self-improvement.  Suicidal ideas and depression form the core of this stunning anime with excellent storytelling.

8. D. Gray Man

Allen Walker

Allen Walker has the uncanny power to exterminate demons and even perceive ghosts in his left eye. He has a sad past. With his gift and burden of a tool and talent, he now believes it is his responsibility to expel evil (Akuma). He chooses to carry the burden of whatever it is that he has (no spoilers). The weight of this responsibility takes its toll on him.

9. Battle Game In 5 Seconds

Battle Characters

This anime is an action-packed watch. Tragically, one of the players, Yuri Amagake, passes away and comes back to life. The anime itself is mainly concerned with how everyone struggles to live after being resurrected from death.

10. Full Metal Alchemist

Edward Elric

Fullmetal Alchemist addresses some significant issues. Death, the cost of death, the implications of one’s conduct, as well as the law of comparable exchange are a few of them. There are episodes of the anime that center on suicide, suicidal ideation, and self-harm. However, self-harm is just a plot point and not the main theme.

Other recommendations for anime with self-harm include

  •  Sankarea: Undying Love
  • Re: Zero
  • Death Parade
  • Gunslinger Girl
  •  Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Animal abusers.

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