why do people hate anime

Why Do People Hate Anime [5 Main Reasons]

 Why do people hate Anime?

As someone who is fascinated by anime characters such as Naruto, Madara, Sukuna, and Yagami Light, I always wonder why most of my friends and family members hate anime. There was a time I was indifferent to anime.

After my first taste, I became a huge fan of anime. I even got myself t-shirts and wallpapers from my favorite shows. However, I keep asking myself, “why do people hate anime”. I talked to a lot of people and found out some reasons for their apathy. Therefore, here are some reasons why people hate animes;

The Language is Foreign

Anime means Japanese animation and therefore is of Japanese origin. Some people hate the fact that anime is in Japanese. First, some people are not used to watching movies that are not in English or their native English. Therefore, a Japanese flick would be highly unattractive to them.

Secondly, having to read subtitles every time for many episodes is a big turn-off for some people. This means being focused every time so as not to miss key details. Some people do not want to read while watching a show.

Not everyone is used to this and it is a reason for the hate. People have this bias towards foreign shows and movies. The whole idea feels foreign to them and therefore makes it unattractive. Hence, I discovered that language is a major reason why people hate anime.

The Animation Style

Although western and Japanese animation are different to an extent, they are still animation. Some people do not fancy animated movies and shows. Some people prefer live action to animation and, therefore, may find anime unattractive.

Moreover, people are not used to the Japanese animation style. It might seem more abstract to them compared to what they are used to. They prefer the western style which is more related to cartoons and comic books.

Some people grew up with this style of animation for example the justice league, Ben 10, and Megas XLR. Having to adapt to a new style of animation may be stressful for some. This bias is a major reason why people hate anime.

The Right Anime

Most animes slowly build to their climax. Some of the stories in anime are like journeys and need time, just like Log Horizon and Black Cover. People who are used to having their attention captivated from the first moment may not enjoy some animes. Some people lack the patience to follow the story and give it time, hence may find it uninteresting.

This may be a contributing reason why people hate anime. Additionally, some people watch animes that may not be in the genre they are used to. For example, someone who loves fantasy and action may not enjoy watching plastic memories. If this person starts their anime journey with plastic memories, they may hate anime.

I recently found myself in this situation. My friend kept telling me that anime sucks and he wonders how I am able to watch it. However, when I recommended Devil May Cry, they became excited after watching it. They complained that the previous anime they watched was not what they liked and had given up on anime.

The Comfort Zone

People are more comfortable with something they are used to or grew up with. Making that bold step to start something new is difficult sometimes. They tend to stick to what they are familiar with. For example, a lot of teenage girls love shows like keeping up with the Kardashians and Bridgerton.

It’s “normal” in their eyes because this is what they are familiar with. Animes are kind of “abnormal” compared to these types of shows to these people. Therefore, it would take a large force to drive them to the anime world.

Hasty exposure to anime outside their preferred genre may even make them hate anime more. I was once like this until my friend, Stanley recommended Naruto Shippuden. For some people, it takes a lot of effort to change and venture into the anime world. Therefore, people would tend to stick to what they are familiar with and comfortable with. This fact is another reason why people hate anime.


After interacting with people who claimed they hated anime, I found out they saw it as a child’s thing. The cliché that animes are for kids existed in their minds. This makes them prejudiced against adults who watch anime.

This assumption is based on the idea that cartoons and animations are also for kids. For example, in the western world, cartoons are always aimed at children. Cartoons such as Family guy, Chowder and Samurai Jack, belong to a certain age group. Therefore, people bring this idea to animes and assume it’s for kids.

Conclusion – Why Do People Hate Anime?

It’s reasonable to assume that anime has both lovers and haters. While there are numerous reasons why some enjoy anime, there are just as many reasons why others find it repulsive.

It is essential to remember that while some justifications may be overstated or false, others may be convincing and real. You are free to express an opinion about anime as long as it is based on facts and research.