Why Did The Female Titan Cry? [Know The Truth]

Why did the female titan cry? If you’re to find the answer to that question then tighten your seat belt.

First and foremost, if you haven’t been following the Attack on Titan series, it’s not too late to start because you’d be missing out on a masterpiece with thrilling characters, a well-tailored plot, and so on.

Now, if you are a fan already like myself, you must have watched or read – depending on if you are an anime watcher or a manga reader – the episode/chapter where Eren was taken back from Annie in her titan form all thanks to captain Levi and Mikasa. Something happened in that scene that had our mouths gaping…

The female titan cried.

You might have been wondering why such a thing happened.

The Female Titan

The Female Titan is one of the Nine Titans, or the so-called Intelligent Titans, and is currently in the possession of Annie Leonhart. The Female Titan is arguably the most versatile of the Nine Titans with its versatility being remarked to be its greatest strength even. It has the ability to attract titans with its scream and can also selectively harden her body, even as far as creating a protective layer for Annie’s human body that was impenetrable. It is also able to use the abilities of other titans under the condition that it consumes a part of them.

Why Did The Female Titan Cry: The Real Truth

Annie at a very young age was chosen to become one of the six Marleyan Warriors and thus, inherited the power of the Female Titan. Growing up under the care of a hard adoptive father who served as her trainer as well, Annie’s childhood was not pleasant as she was mostly being trained to become a Warrior, something her adoptive father made certain just so he could enjoy a better life.

Annie eventually gets tired of the harsh life she was subjected to live and ends up permanently crippling her trainer and adoptive father during one of their training sessions out of anger.

Eventually becoming a Warrior, Annie and three other Warriors about the same age as her and each a wielder of one of the Nine Titans – Reiner Braun (Armored Titan), Bertholdt Hoover (Colossal Titan), and Marcel Galliard (Jaw Titan). These young Warriors were deployed to carry out a mission tagged “Paradis Island Operation” and all they had to do was to retrieve the Founding Titan and return it to Marley. Before her departure, her father meets her and apologizes for everything and promises to be on her side regardless of whatever happens but he makes Annie promise him one thing. That is, to return home to him.

One thing leads to another and they end up trapped on Paradis island. Having lost one of their and the Jaw Titan alongside, and unable to go back home for fear of being killed, Annie, Reiner, and Bertholdt decide to stay in Paradis and live among them until they are able to complete their mission.

That moment presents itself after so long and after Annie was revealed to be the Female Titan. She succeeds in capturing Eren who possessed both the Attack Titan and the Founding Titan that they wanted, but captain Levi Ackerman and Mikasa Ackerman prevent this from happening. Facing off with two of the most skilled humans ended in her defeat.

That was when the Female Titan cried. Not a cry of defeat or pain.

She cried because she realized that she won’t be able to keep the promise she made to her father. She was not making it back home as she promised.

That was what led the Female Titan to shed tears.