hunter x hunter villain characters

Hunter x Hunter Villain Characters: Who Is The Final Boss?

Hunter x Hunter Villain Characters

The Hunter x Hunter fandom is definitely excited that Yoshihiro Togashi-sensei has decided to continue making more chapters of Hunter x Hunter despite his current health status.

Hunter x Hunter is a story about a boy named Gon Freecss, who goes on many adventures as a hunter but has the main goal of finding his father, Ging Freecss. Togashi goes Salt Bae on this story by sprinkling it with one of the best villains seen in the anime world. It goes without saying that Yoshihiro Togashi is one of the best mangakas when it comes to character stories and design.

Hunter x Hunter is definitely a must-watch anime, with its beautifully crafted story and relatable characters. Togashi-sensei goes the extra mile in creating the best villains for his story. Some of whom are loved more than the main characters themselves. That would be expected in any story with such character quality and depth.

Here are Hunter x Hunter’s 13 best villains served to the fans through the course of the story so far (manga and anime inclusive):

HxH Villain Characters;


machi komacine - hunter x hunter villain characters

A book that we certainly judged by its cover when she was first introduced as a “seemingly” harmless lady. Although good at heart, the Phantom Troupe’s #3 can be very cold. Introduced in Heaven’s Arena arc, Machi, like every other member of the Phantom Troupe, plays a vital role in the plot whenever she appears.

Ranked sixth in strength among the group, Machi still stands out as the physically strongest female. As fast as she is strong, Machi is a character that piques interest, especially with her calm and cool personality.

She is a transmuter with nen ability that allows her to create threads and stitches from her aura, which she uses in many ways: to stitch injuries, control people like puppets, cut her enemies, set traps, etc. The versatility she adds to her Nen ability is a testament to her skill.

Machi is an interesting character and one to be feared having shown how she can be when angered, especially with the situation of the things in the Succession War arc.

12. UVOGIN  

uvogin - hxh villain

“I wanted to be stronger than anything. Simply… to be strong.” – Uvogin

Uvogin is the strongest member of the Phantom Troupe in terms of physical strength and is member #11. He’s remembered for a lot of things—he gave us that beautiful battle with Kurapika as well as the melodious requiem the group rendered in his honor.

Uvogin is a confident fighter, as seen in how he faced off and defeated the Shadow Beasts alone and even granted Kurapika’sthe option of choosing the location for their 1v1 death match.

Uvogin is an enhancer. He uses his aura to enhance his natural strength. Though he uses a simple fighting style, he is extremely fearsome in battle. A true blue Phantom Troupe member even till his last breath.


illumi hunter x hunter villain

IllumiZoldyck was one of the first major antagonists we got to see, as early as the Hunter Exam arc – introduced to us as Gittarackur. Illumi is the son of Silva Zoldyck, head of the renowned Zoldyck family, and the elder brother of the fans’ favorite, Killua Zoldyck.

Illumi is a cold and emotionless character. Traits he seemingly acquired given his background, suiting his work as an assassin. He is one of the most twisted characters of the series and has a very weird sense of love towards his younger siblings seen in how he seeks to control them.

He is a Manipulator whose Nen ability allows him to change his form and control people both dead and living. Illumi seems to do things only for his own interests and that of the Zoldyck family.

He’s definitely in the race for the most sinister villain yet in Hunter x Hunter.


paris hilton - hunter x hunter villain characters

“People normally feel happiness when they love and are loved in return. I feel happiness when people hate me and I feel compelled to hurt the things that are dear to me. But is that so strange?”— Pariston Hill

Pariston Hill stands out as one of the most unpredictable characters in the series. He is disliked by his fellow hunters for his sly nature since he is always scheming and plotting.

He has described himself as being incapable of feeling hatred, only developing such emotion towards one man, Ging Freecss.

Pariston is shrouded in an aura of mystery throughout the series. He is an intriguing villain for the story, especially with a potential face-off against Ging, which we hope will happen soon.


shaiapouf - hxh villlain

A major antagonist of the Chimera Ants arc. Shaiapouf, or Pouf for short, is one of the four most powerful Chimera Ants seen in the series and served as one of the Ant King’s Royal Guards. He is the second Royal Guard shown in the series after Neferpitou, and the most logical of the group. Shaiapouf is strict with his ideals, even choosing them above his own emotions.

Shaiapouf was so powerful that he was believed to be capable of defeating Isaac Netero – known in the Hunter x Hunter world as the strongest Nen-using human – by a Chimera Ant who had witnessed and measured their powers.


feitan portor - hxh villain

The Levi Ackerman lookalike is also a fan favorite, placing 10th in the 2nd and 3rd character polls. Feitan is a sadistic man and has mastered the art of torture. This personality earned the position as the interrogator in the Phantom Troupe.

Although nothing has been said by Togashi-sensei, many in the Hunter x Hunter fandom theorize that Feitan may be linked with the Zoldyck family – a popular theory in the Hunter x Hunter fandom. He is implied to be the second in command of the group as he is member #2 and has once served as a temporary leader following Chrollo’s absence.

Feitan’s character revolves around mystery, as not much is known about him and he has been shown to speak in a language only he understands. He is a powerful fighter and swordsman, and one of the fastest members of the Phantom Troupe.

He is mainly a Nen Transmuter. A testament to his skill is shown when he used other categories of Nen. Feitan is a character the fans definitely want to see more of.



Menthuthuyoupi was one of the Ant King’s Royal Guards, the least egotistical of the three. His lack of self-awareness made him a selfless character and one who served his king to the best of his ability.

One of the peculiar things about his character was his maturity. Togashi-sensei rendered that with so much grace within a small number of chapters. He is easily one of the best villains in the series.



Don’t let the cute kitten face fool you; they are as sinister as they are cute. Neferpitou was the first Royal Guard to be introduced and the first to show us how powerful a Royal Guard is after their battle with Kite. Neferpitou was a character that sent chills down their opponents’ spines.

A devote to the King and an important piece of his, especially with their level of mastery of Nen and their medically related Nen ability. A major antagonist of the Chimera Ants arc. It’s too bad that they were dealt in by Gon.


“I was naive. This is a man who should never… ever acquire Nen…!!” – Theta, his bodyguard, speaking about Tserriednich.

Tserriednich is a stranger to anime-only fans. The Fourth Prince of the Kakin Empire and participant in the ongoing Succession War, is certainly a character to watch out for.

He’s shown incredible growth as a character as well as one of the quickest grasps of the mechanics of Nen. The Fourth Prince has been shown to be a cold-blooded killer and collector of body parts, showing no hesitation at the chance of killing even his own siblings.

We hope to see him battle Kurapika, one of the fans’ favorites. If you want to know why, catch up on the manga.


Chrolo smiling

The man who captured the hearts of many Hunter x Hunter fans, Chrollo Lucilfer. Chrollo is the leader of the infamous Phantom Troupe, also known as Spider. An exceptional fighter and thief, as well as the main antagonist of the Yorknew City arc.

Chrollo is a very calculative fighter and takes into account every move he or his opponent makes. He and the members of the Phantom Troupe are forever hunted by Kurapika for the massacre of the Kurta Clan.

He possesses one of the broken abilities seen in the series, Skill Hunter. One that allows him to steal and use another’s ability. Chrollo is a character with so much potential and importance to the plot, especially with his unresolved involvement with other characters like Hisoka and Kurapika.


hisoka with hair down

Hisoka was the main antagonist of the Hunter Exam arc and the Heavens Arena arc, where we see him exhibit his dominance over our protagonists—Gon and Killua. He is known for his Bungee Gum, which has the properties of gum and rubber.

He came to be very much loved by fans of the series, especially because of how unpredictable his character was. You could never guess what Hisoka is thinking or what his next action would be.

An exceptional hunter who only seeks out people he believes are strong enough to quench his thirst for a good battle. We are certainly looking forward to his rematch with Gon and Chrollo.



The Ant King, Meruem, is the most powerful character shown in the series so far. As much as he was a villain who was ruthless and cold, Meruem was relatable to the fans and loved by them.

The dynamics of his relationship with the human, Komugi, was one of the best in all of anime history and a trigger to the change he didn’t know laid within him—his humanity.

Now, for the one we’ve all been waiting for. The villain we believe will be the final villain of the series at the number 1 spot.



A character that might not strike fans, especially non-manga readers. Gyro was the leader of the Neo-Green Life (NGL) Autonomous Region. A charismatic and intelligent young man, as shown by how much faith his comrades have in him and how he became the kingpin of the underworld.

Gyro was one of the Chimera Ants who developed their own will, and he split from his kind, journeying to rebuild his empire. Gyro and Gon will eventually cross paths, as stated by the narrator in the manga. But can Gon save a being who has lost every shred of humanity?