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Death Note Filler List

Does Death Note have any Filler Episodes?

Filler episodes, some you love, some you hate. Strictly speaking, fillers are episodes that are different from the canon material in the manga and are usually done to keep the episodes running when it has caught up to the manga. However, some are not entire episodes but are moments or stories within episodes that are different from what was canon in the manga.

They are done for many reasons, some to change controversial parts in the manga or to give proper explanations to certain things, or to present an easier narrative as well as many other reasons. Death Note is a short series with little to no reason for a filler. Regardless, does Death Note have any fillers?

Death note has a total of 37 episodes with no strict filler episodes. However, there are parts of the story, in certain episodes that are non-canon and are considered mixed canon/filler. These are episodes 1, 25, 26, and 37. Only one of these has a good amount of filler content, the rest is minor. Below is the Death Note filler list.

Spoiler alert: If you care about spoilers, then this might be the right time to click out, if not read on:


Death Note Filler List-Episode one

Episode one was where we got introduced to the world of Death Note, the concept of death gods (Shinigami), and the book they use to pronounce death upon people. It introduces us to the well-known protagonist, Light Yagami, and shows us how he finds the death note and tests it.

This episode is mainly faithful to the manga but includes some details that are somewhat different from the manga. For example, in the anime, we witness Light test drive the notebook by using it to kill a bunch of criminals on death row. This detail is however missing from the manga. Despite this, the episode is majorly canon.


Death Note Fillers-L cleans Lights feet

This episode was a huge one because it brought the long battle between Light and his very smart foe, L. Many people agree this to be the actual ending for the story since everything ties up together. The episode has some little additions that are not present in the manga as well as some takeaways.

For example, the scene where L (symbolically) washes Light’s feet is not seen in the manga. The way L dies is also not the same as we see in the manga. In the manga, we get to his last thoughts which are missing from the anime.

Again, I would not consider this a filler since it is mainly canon, but it is at least a bit different from the manga.


death note filler list

Episode 26 is majorly a recap of the events that lead up to the death of L and as a result, can be called a true filler. However, it is not that in its entirety. While many people agree that the death of L in episode 25 was a fitting end to the story, it is continued with the introduction of L’s successors Mello and Near, which we get an introduction to in episode 26.

This episode, while having some parts from the manga, including a time jump, is still majorly full of filler content and can be regarded as a filler, however one that should not be skipped since you will miss out on some vital scenes.


Death Note Fillers-new world

Episode one created a god complex in Light, the ability to take life at will, the birth of a god if you will (Rebirth) and the final episode brings us to the death of the god ushering us into a new world. This episode has some minor details that are different from the manga but still has the majority of the episode to be canon.

The outcomes are the same, Light is revealed to be Kira and dies, however, the way this occurs is a bit different. In the anime, Light is shot and he runs from the police, managing to escape but Ryuk writes his name in the notebook ending his life. In the manga, Ryuk still writes his name in the notebook but does this in front of Light which was kind of sad, and shocked Light since he was expecting Ryuk to help him escape the police.

There’s also a time-skip about a year after the death of Kira that happens in the manga. This is represented vaguely in the anime.

In conclusion, there is really only one main filler episode in the Death Note anime (episode 26), with some other episodes having mixed filler content (episodes 1, 25, and 37).