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Can You Turn Off PVP In Elden Ring?

Want to turn off PvP in Elden Ring?

Like it wasn’t difficult already…right?

Elden ring is a soulsborne RPG with a massive open world full of daring beasts, monsters, warriors, challenges, and things to explore. Like other FromSoftware games, it prides itself on its difficulty. The developers have however added certain game mechanics that count as ease of life features such as co-op in the form of summoning.

In co-op, you can summon your friends into your world and engage in boss fights together as well as explore the open world together. This is a fun feature for those that need a helping hand in the game and for those that just want to kick back and wreak havoc with their best friends or partner. However, being a soul’s game, nothing is ever done for fun, and this opens you up to PvPs known as invasions.

How is PVP in Elden Ring?

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Elden Ring has an online player-versus-player feature that’s known as Invasions. This brings a player (the invader) into the world of a usually unsuspecting host to engage in fights. Defeating them will earn you runes and rune arcs to help you level up or act as buffs.

By engaging in multiplayer using the furlcalling finger remedy, you can invite friends and summon other players into your game to engage in co-op battles. However, doing this opens you up to invasions by game design. The thirsty ones can voluntarily call for invasions by using Taunter’s tongue. Other players that get a kick from attacking other players can invade your game, attack you and defeat you.

For the veterans, this is pretty much the way to show who is boss, but for some others, this can be a very annoying mechanic, especially for new players that want to conquer the game with their friends. Some thirsty high-level mage might spring up and one-shot you and your partner and spoil the fun. For this reason, many people dislike this feature.

Can you turn off Invasions?

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Unfortunately, no. It is part of the core mechanics of the game. In fact, when playing solo, you can still be invaded by NPCs in certain areas. These ones are scripted and you can either run away or engage them in battle, but cannot turn them off. It’s the game’s way of preparing you for online invasions as well as ways of giving you good items.

As for online invasions, the only way of avoiding it is by turning off co-op entirely.

How to turn off/disable PvP in Elden Ring

How to turn off pvp in Elden Ring

So, can you turn off PvP in Elden ring? Yes…well kinda. If you do not want to engage in online invasions, the only way to do so is to either play solo or play offline. This way you cannot invite players into your game or engage in co-op, however, you shouldn’t feel bad or like you are missing out.

The game was built to be primarily a solo game, so you don’t have anything to worry about. It is annoying for some, but it is what it is, the game was built to be vexing and has its audience. If you however enjoy the difficulty and want to know if you can try Sekiro, but don’t know which one is more difficult, you can check out our article on Elden Ring Vs Sekiro here.