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Code Geass Filler List – All You Need To Know

Code Geass Filler List

Code Geass is set in an alternate timeline where the Holy Britannian Empire, a superpower inspired by the British Empire, has conquered most of the world and established itself as a dominant global force. The story follows Lelouch vi Britannia, a former prince of the Empire who has been exiled to Japan after his mother was killed and his sister, Nunnally, was left paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. Lelouch becomes embroiled in the conflict between the Empire and the rebel group known as the Black Knights, who are fighting to overthrow Britannian rule.

After a chance encounter with the mysterious woman C.C., Lelouch gains the power of the Geass, which allows him to command anyone to do his bidding. He decides to use this power to seek revenge against the Empire and create a better world for his sister, Nunnally. To this end, he becomes the masked vigilante known as Zero and begins leading the Black Knights in their rebellion against the Empire.

As Zero, Lelouch becomes a symbol of hope for the oppressed people of the world and gains a large following. However, his actions also attract the attention of the Empire and its leaders, including his own father, Emperor Charles zi Britannia. Lelouch must constantly balance his goals and his duty to the Black Knights with the need to keep his identity as Zero a secret.

As the conflict between the Empire and the Black Knights intensifies, Lelouch is forced to confront the moral consequences of his actions and the people who are affected by them. He also has to deal with his own personal demons, including the guilt he feels over his mother’s death and the betrayal of his childhood friend, Suzaku Kururugi, who has become a knight of the Empire.

Throughout the series, Lelouch must navigate a complex web of political intrigue and personal relationships as he strives to achieve his ultimate goal of creating a world where Nunnally can live happily. However, as he becomes more powerful and his actions become more radical, Lelouch must also confront the possibility that he may lose his humanity in the process.

Fortunately, you can enjoy cannon material all through the series as it does not contain any filler episodes.

List Of Episodes

1Stage 01 – The Day a New Demon Was BornManga Canon2006-10-06
2Stage 02 – The White Knight AwakensManga Canon2006-10-13
3Stage 03 – The False ClassmateManga Canon2006-10-20
4Stage 04 – His Name is ZeroManga Canon2006-10-27
5Stage 05 – The Princess and the WitchManga Canon2006-11-02
6Stage 06 – The Stolen MaskManga Canon2006-10-09
7Stage 07 – Attack CorneliaManga Canon2006-11-17
8Stage 08 – The Black KnightsManga Canon2006-11-24
9Stage 09 – RefrainManga Canon2006-12-08
10Stage 10 – Guren DancesManga Canon2006-12-15
11Stage 11 – Battle for NaritaManga Canon2006-12-22
12Stage 12 – The Messenger From KyotoManga Canon2007-01-05
13Stage 13 – Shirley at GunpointManga Canon2007-01-12
14Stage 14 – Geass vs. GeassManga Canon2007-01-19
15Stage 15 – Cheering MaoManga Canon2007-01-26
16Stage 16 – Nunnally Held HostageManga Canon2007-02-02
17Stage 17 – KnightManga Canon2007-02-09
18Stage 18 – I Order you, Suzaku KururugiManga Canon2007-02-23
19Stage 19 – Island of the GodsManga Canon2007-03-02
20Stage 20 – The Battle for KyushuManga Canon2007-03-09
21Stage 21 – The School Festival DeclarationManga Canon2007-03-16
22Stage 22 – Bloodstained EuphyManga Canon2007-03-23
23Stage 23 – At Least with SorrowManga Canon2007-03-30
24Stage 24 – The Collapsing StageManga Canon2007-07-29
25Stage 25 – ZeroManga Canon2007-07-29
26Turn 01 – The Day a Demon AwakensManga Canon2008-04-06
27Turn 02 – Plan for Independent JapanManga Canon2008-04-13
28Turn 03 – Imprisoned in CampusManga Canon2008-08-20
29Turn 04 – Counterattack on the GallowsManga Canon2008-08-27
30Turn 05 – Knights of the RoundManga Canon2008-05-04
31Turn 06 – Surprise Attack over the PacificManga Canon2008-05-11
32Turn 07 – The Abandoned MaskManga Canon2008-05-18
33Turn 08 – One Million MiraclesManga Canon2008-05-25
34Turn 09 – A Bride within the Vermillion Forbidden CityManga Canon2008-06-08
35Turn 10 – When Shen Hu Wins GloryManga Canon2008-06-15
36Turn 11 – Power of PassionManga Canon2008-06-22
37Turn 12 – Love Attack!Manga Canon2008-06-29
38Turn 13 – Assassin from the PastManga Canon2008-07-06
39Turn 14 – Geass HuntManga Canon2008-07-13
40Turn 15 – The Cs’ WorldManga Canon2008-07-20
41Turn 16 – United Federation of Nations Resolution Number OneManga Canon2008-07-27
42Turn 17 – The Taste of HumiliationManga Canon2008-08-03
43Turn 18 – Final Battle Tokyo IIManga Canon2008-08-10
44Turn 19 – BetrayalManga Canon2008-08-17
45Turn 20 – Emperor DismissedManga Canon2008-08-24
46Turn 21 – The Ragnarok ConnectionManga Canon2008-08-31
47Turn 22 – Emperor LelouchManga Canon2008-09-07
48Turn 23 – Schneizel’s GuiseManga Canon2008-09-14
49Turn 24 – The Grip of DamoclesManga Canon2008-09-21
50Final Turn – Re;Manga Canon2008-09-28
51The Wyvern ArrivesManga Canon2012-07-16
52The Wyvern DividedManga Canon2013-09-14
53The Brightness FallsManga Canon2015-05-02
54Memories of HatredManga Canon2015-05-04
55To Beloved OnesManga Canon2016-02-06

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